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As you disappeared...

...the shadow of death came undone

26 May
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This is a photo journal. My normal journal is metatronis.

a clockwork orange, abnormal psychology, acting, adorable bisexual men, alan cumming, alan rickman, animals, any steve burns song, aris, arnold j. rimmer, art, beatles, beethoven, biology, blue monday, books, british guys, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, cabaret, cheese, chris barrie, chuck noblet, comedy, comedy central, comic books, conan o'brien, cookie thievery, crying, crying uncontrolably, david bowie, daydreaming, dogma, donnie darko, douglas adams, drawing, england, erik, fake fancy men, flaming lips, gay people, gay rights, graham norton, gray days, hamsters, harry potter, hugo weaving, icons, individuality, irony, japanese culture, jhonen vasquez, jon stewart, jones soda, jthm, kill bill, kilts, laughing, laughing at inappropriate times, laughing uncontrolably, les miserables, literature, london, long swishy coats, maakies, making icons, manga, mitty, monty python, music, musical theatre, my laptop, nightcrawler, office space, old school blue's clues, old school nickelodeon, penguins, phantom of the opera, photography, primetime glick, psychology, queen, quotes, rain, rasputina, rats, reading, red dwarf, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, saiko & lavender, salvador dali, san francisco, saturday night live, scientific american, scottish accents, sea monkeys, severus snape, shakespeare, showtunes, singing, so graham norton, songs for dustmites, stephen colbert, steve burns, steven drozd, strangers with candy, stuff, subtlety, swimming, tea, that guy, the daily show, the flaming lips, the marauders, the simpsons, theatre, they might be giants, titus, tony millionare, twisted toyfare theater, vampires, vegetarianism, wayne coyne, whose line, wigfield, writing for fun, x-men, x2, z?